Carteret County Cemeteries

This is a listing of cemeteries located in Carteret County. If I have missed any please send me the cemetery name and location so that I can add it to our listings. They are in alphabetical order under the cemetery name with locations included. Please help to make this list as complete as possible!



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Adams Farm Cemetery

on the Newport River north of Crab Point Loop Rd (SR 1207). From Morehead, go north on 20th St (SR 1176) to Country Club Rd (SR 1177). Turn left onto Country Club Rd to Crab Point Loop Rd (SR 1207). Cemetery is about 2/10ths mile on right near the river shore.

34.76065 N
76.73122 W

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Amariah Garner Memorial Cemetery

approximately one mile West of Highway 70 Bypass, on Nine Foot Rd

34.79518 N
76.89346 W

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Archie's Point Cemetery

lso called Archers Point Cemetery

at the eastern end of Sound Dr in Emerald Isle, about 2.3 mi east of the southern terminus of the NC 56 bridge. Driving east on NC 58, turn left (north) on Lee Ave, then right (east) on Sound Dr. Cemetery is overgrown in front of house # 7001, just to the right (south) side, at the end of Sound Dr

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Arthur Cemetery

117 Old River Rd. off Arington Rd. (SR1322) North of US 70

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Atlantic Cemetery

on Seashore Dr between Bullock St and School Dr

34.88168 N
76.34109 W

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Babb Cemetery


35.07110 N
76.06190 W

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Barker Cemetery

on Wetherington Landing Rd (Sr 1101) about 0.5 mi east of the White Oak River Bridge and 100 ft from the intersection with Stella Rd (SR 1100).

34.775383 N
77.149484 W

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Bogue Community Cemetery OR Bogue Sound Cemetery

on Bogue Forest Drive, 100 feet off Red Barn Road, in the Bogue Forest Subdivision. The Bogue Community Cemetery was originally located on the Sanders Farm, and was identified as the Bogue Sound Cemetery and the Bogue Community Cemetery Although it appears to be cared for, it is currently in a state of disrepair.

34.70636 N
77.00056 W

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Cannady Memorial Cemetery

on the 9 Mile Road, 100 yards from the intersection and junction of the Lake Road, 9 Foot Road and the 9 Mile Road, Newport, Carteret County, North Carolina 28570. Established in 1874, it is a well maintained, local community kept cemetery in excellent condition.

34.78887 N
76.92846 W

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Alfred Lafayette Gillikin Cemetery

on Fire Tower Rd (SR1106). Proceeding east on US 70 turn left onto Fire Tower Rd about 0.8 mi east of the eastern terminus of Ward Creek Bridge and go about 1 mi to the small cemetery which is on the left-hand side of the road.

34.78048 N
76.55694 W

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Hadnot Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Peletier Loop Road (NC Road 1109) approximatley 3/4th miles fron NC Route 58 in Peletier, Carteret County, North Carolina. A small well kept burial ground is located at the rear of the church proper. The Church also serves as the Peletier Community Center.

34.72674 N
77.08013 W

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Hadnot Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Old Church Road, approximately 3 miles North of the town of Peletier, Carteret County, North Carolina. Established 1790

34.76949 N
77.08060 W

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Alex L Lewis Cemetery

in Beaufort on Hwy 70 near Pelican Harbor Rd.

34.77970 N
76.56565 W

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Mann Cemetery

adjacent to Cedar Grove Cemetery at the end of Mann Street, Newport, Carteret County, North Carolina 28570. It sits quietly at the edge of a wood area, yet visible from the end of Mann Street.

34.47.368 N
76.51.329 W

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Newport River Primitive Baptist Cemetery

On Catham St near the intersection of Westfield Rd in Newport.

34.78423 N
76.85914 W

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Peletier First Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

The burial sites are located to the rear of the First Missionary Baptist Church buildings in Peletier, Carteret County, North Carolina, adjacent to NC Hwy 58. The burial sites are well maintained.

34.72071 N
77.07072 W

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Piner Cemetery

northeast off the intersection of Taylor Norton Road (Old State Highway 58) and the current NC State Highway 58, Northwest of Cape Carteret, Carteret County, North Carolina. There is no marker and the predominate graves are Harrell and Piner with serveral other surnames. It appears to be kept by either family members or local residents.

34.70740 N
77.06829 W

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Rueben Willis Cemetery

on Lilly Belle Ln next to shore. From Bridge proceed about 0.9 mi east on Island Rd and turn left on Lilly Belle Ln. The cemetery is in a wooded area west of the house at 456 Lilly Belle Ln, about 0.1 mi from the intersection with Island Rd on Harkers Island

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